Match Report: Bromsgrove vs. Redditch Kingfishers

In the first of two local derbies in this week’s summer league action against Bromsgrove, the Redditch Kingfishers’ game was a great watch on a lovely summers evening, with a mix of players from across all the mens’ teams giving junior players the opportunity to learn from the senior players around them.

Bromsgrove opened the score after 5 minutes from a well worked pass from right to left which cut between the defence and the keeper to give a simple deflection for the attacker coming in from the back.

The action continued with both teams cancelling each other out with some good pressure and individual battles around the park, but Bromsgrove won a short corner on the 20th minute and a low hard shot was deflected high into the back of the Redditch net, which (much to the bemusement of the spectators) was disallowed.

To add to the injury, Redditch Kingfishers were awarded their own short corner just a few minutes later and a strike from Tank couldn’t be stopped by the defenders stick and struck the backboard to level the score 1 -1.

The action soon returned to the Redditch defensive end with several short corners on the bounce with balls being played into the feet, but the defence was solid, and Grove couldn’t finish their chances.

Following this, all the pressure was on Bromsgrove and for a few minutes they couldn’t see the ball out of the 23 and Redditch looked they would grab the lead, but after some great saves from the Grove keeper, they found a gap and against the run of play and the ball drilled into the circle again from right to left which was well stopped on the penalty spot, and the close range shot just beat the keeper.

Half Time 2 – 1

Going into the 2nd half Redditch Kingfishers were again caught on the counterattack from a short corner this time going 3 – 1 up after the first few minutes.  

The game then seemed to settle with few chances coming for either side, but after 10 minutes, a ball out to the left wing found Wayne Beard, who played a nice through ball to Jack Gwyer, who drove into the circle from top left and stuck the ball on the run going low and hard under the keeper, bringing Redditch within 1 again (3 -2)

The momentum was now with Redditch, with the Bromsgrove keeper being asked to pull off multiple saves, with great shots from Jakeman and Chav.

The game however, had a final twist, and Redditch Kingfishers were once again caught out on the break with the attackers out numbering the defence, the initial save was made by Cardy, but the player landed on him preventing him from defending the follow up strike and goal.

It felt like a cruel blow at the time, but maybe it evened itself out after the earlier disallowed goal.

Final score was 4 – 2 to Bromsgrove in a very well contested game.

Photos from the game can be seen on our Facebook page.

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