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Creating a community where every young person can play hockey

Redditch Hockey Club are passionate about developing and increasing hockey participation amongst young people in the local area.  In collaboration with Hockey Futures we have created a quality outreach hockey programme in local schools offering easy transition into club sessions.

Tim Gibbs explains why Redditch Hockey Club has chosen to work with Hockey Futures:

“As a club our values align closely with Hockey Futures, we strive to break down barriers to participation within our community and passionately encourage young people across the local area to take part in hockey, irrespective of their background or ability.

We see our club as a family. Inspiring, engaging, nurturing and developing our junior players is our highest priority. We recognise the benefits being in a sports club can have for children’s wellbeing from the formation of friendships through to the positive effect on physical and mental state. We strive to include all young people, giving them a sense of belonging and helping them develop important life skills like teamwork, cooperation and respect which can be used both on and off the pitch as they grow older and transition into adult sports.

Our club is located in a high area of deprivation, so we recognise the value a coach and mentor can have on a young person’s life. Hockey Futures has enabled us to position our Head Junior Coach within our local first school. Having Becki in the school, has provided over 200 young people access to hockey through fun, engaging, coached P.E lessons and after-school club sessions based on our astro turf. Becki’s presence within school has given the children a positive mentor to look up to and help inspire and guide them.

The development of a sustainable outreach programme is key to the club’s future development and success. We are excited to support young people on their hockey journey, from school to club and junior to senior teams and hope to be able to replicate this structure with other schools in the local area. We would encourage all clubs who are based in deprived areas to work with Hockey Futures, to increase access to hockey for all and help develop a successful nationwide programme.

To read more about the great work Hockey Futures is doing in disadvantaged communities, please click here

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